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ARC Club is a new kind of neighbourhood workplace with its first pilot in Homerton, London. A productive, shared coworking designed for local residents who work from home. The Homerton site occupies 236 sq m on the ground floor of a typical residential development.

The challenge with ARC Club was to create a scalable solution. Since affordability is at the heart of the offering, our approach had to be one that embraced the constraints of the space, while delivering something that was neither commercial nor boring.
Unlike other co-working spaces, ARC is geared exclusively towards solo workers, which is why we opted for a  modular pod system, operating on a standard sheet size grid, which is easily replicable. It comprises two soundproof cubes in waxed birch ply, containing meeting rooms, printing, storage and a kitchen, effectively breaking the large open space into four different zones. We have also created custom-built furniture to provide continuity across different ARC Clubs.

This project has been featured in Dezeen, Frame Magazine, Financial Times, House & Garden, Evening Standard, Stylist, Courier, AIT Magazine, Hackney Gazette, I love Chatsworth Road, Startups Magazine, Frolo & MIX Interiors.

Photography by Andrew Meredith
Collaborators Andres Bravo, Bosse & Baum

ARC Club Homerton

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